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Drupal 8-help

These pages provide help for an easy management of your website, the calendar, and Cleverreach. Scroll down to see the old (D7-) help pages.


Create beautiful and easy-to-use articles and dossiers

Building of Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung in Berlin

Style guide

This style guide provides step-by-step instruction and good practice examples on how to create beautiful and well-usable articles and landingpages (e.g. for dossiers).

The German version of the help pages also provide screencasts on how to create website-elements.

Tagging correctly

Image sizes & Teaser viewmodes

Click on the links and enter "hbs" as username & password. You will see the boxes in different container contexts/viewmodes.

The given sizes are optimal sizes. You could also use different sizes as long as the ratio between width and height remains the same.

Technically, the process works as follows:

  1. Images will be cropped so that they match the width/height-ratio. By default, this happens around the center.
  2. The size will be upscaled (if uploaded image is too small. Images can get blury or pixelated) or downscaled (if uploaded image is too big. Usually, the image quality doesn't worsen).

Calendar images

width: 1220px / height: 686px (minimum)

Person Profiles in calendar

width: 840px / height: 540px (minimum)

D7 help-pages

Not all of the D7-functions work in D8, but the pages below still help to become familiar with the Drupal basics.