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How can I provide information about an author/authors? Person nodes will be shown alongside with the article or publication writen by this person and combine all data about her/him: CV, contact information, contributions. So, how do I create a person node?

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Creating a person node

In the Content menu you will find the option Add content - Person. This will open the person dialog.


Entering data

Enter the person's name (firstname followed by surname) into the Title.

Choose the language according to the language version in which the profile is supposed to appear. Kindly note, that if an author has contributions in more than one language, a person node has to be created for each of the respective languages.

Leave the Body empty.

Concerning the photo: Please always upload photos in landscape format with an aspect ratio of 3:2. The minimal size has to be 630x420 pixels. Enter "firstname surname" as alternate text and title. Choose a license and enter the photographer's name. You will often get private photos. If so, enter "private" into the creator's field. You can but don't have to provide the link URL and can leave the caption empty.

There are important fields under the photo below, which have to be filled in. Firstname and Surname are self-explaining. You can add the profession, party membership, function into the Position field. This information will be shown alongside with the article.

Pay attention: Doctoral degrees are not to be entered here but into the biography field.

Enter the CV into the Biography field and contact information such as email, phone, postal address, Twitter etc. into the Contact field. Please always synchronize with the author about which contact information is to be provided. On some of the foundation's websites there is also an email field. If filled in, the author will be emailed on users' comments and can quickly contribute to debates. When everything filled in click on Save.

And this is what the profile will look like. Under Biography, in the Contributions section automatically all articles and publications assigned to this person will be shown.

Click here to learn about how to select the author's profile while creating an article.


You can use the person node not only to assign authors but also to present your team members. In order to do so, create a person node for each staff member with a photo, contact information and maybe CV and upload it to your Staff/Who we are/Our team pages.