How can I add a publication? What do I need to consider and what exactly is a publication? Here is a How-To.

Publications of all kinds (books, e-papers, magazines, series etc.) are called products in the CMS. So, if you want to add a publication, you will have to create a product.

9 Steps to create a Publication (product)
  1. Creating a product
  2. Uploading a cover image
  3. Teaser - Filling in text
  4. Entering text
  5. Creating the table of contents
  6. Entering information about the publication
  7. Uploading a file
  8. Entering metadata
  9. Publishing the publication

Step 1: Creating a product

On top of your screen, in the black menu bar, in the Content menu, you will find the option Add content - Product. This will open the product dialog. Enter the title of the publication into the Title field.

Step 2: Uploading a cover image

You can upload the cover of the publication into the field Teaser Image  (only portrait format). To do so, make a screenshot and afterwards upload the image by "Durchsuchen" (search) and "Upload". As soon as the image was uploaded, you will see six fields. License and Creator are mandatory.

If you want to additionally upload an image in landscape format, for instance to use it as lead image for the publication on top of a landingpage, you can do that in the field Teaser Image Landscape.

Step 3: Teaser - Filling in text

In the field Teaser Text you can enter the teaser text. After having published the product, the teaser will appear on the respective landingpage/homepage. It briefly sums up what the publication is about but shouldn't tell everything as it is supposed to motivate users to download/read the publication. The teaser of a publication should never exceed 260 characters (including blanks).

Step 4: Entering text

Text is to be entered into the Body. Please don't just copy the text from a word document because this will copy the formatting as well and may end up in incorrect rendering of the text.

Copy the text into an editor first.  The editor is a simple text processor which removes all formatting from texts. You will find the editor (in Windows usually called Notepad) in the Accessories of your computer.  Copy the text in here and paste it into the Body afterwards. As an alternative, you can write the text directly into the body field.

For more tipps on how to edit and format text and on how to set links see the How-To: How to create an article, Step 3, Formatting.

Step 5: Creating the table of contents

If there is one, you can copy & paste the table of contents of the publication into the the Table of Contents field of the product form. Kindly pay attention not to forget the intermediate step of using a text editor (see step 4).

Subsequently, you can make the text better readable by formatting chapter headings bold and bulleting sub-chapters.

Step 6: Entering information about the publication

In the Product section you can provide information about the author, publisher, place of publication etc. To do so, please complete the respective fields as best as you can.

The Author field exists twice. If you only want to provide the author's name, please fill in the upper field. You can add more than one author. Multiple authors' names have to be separated by comma.

If there is an author's profile, please fill in the field below.

Attention: The field has an auto-complete function. Slowly type the first letters of the name and wait a moment. If there is already a profile for this person, his/her name will be found and shown. Choose by clicking on it. If there's no name yet you will have to create an author's profile first.

Add another item by clicking on the respective button.

You can complete the information on the publication by filling in the fields for Publisher (editor), Place of Publication, Date of Publication (only provide month and year), Number of Pages, Price (please type  "0" for free publications) and ISBN.

If users can order the publication in the foundation's bookshop, please check Purchasable. When doing so, a cart will automatically be shown to the user.

If the publication is part of a series, you can enter the series' title into the field Series. Attention: This field also uses auto-complete. If the title exists it will be found, otherwise you can initially create it by typing it in here.

Step 7: Uploading a file

In the Product section you can upload the publication file. To do so, just click on Add a new file, find it on your harddisk and upload it. Subsequently, fill in the fields License and Creator as these are mandatory. If you want to name the Download button and replace the default PDF by your own label (such as "English", enter this information into thei Caption field.

If you have the publication in different file formats (or language versions) you can upload more files by using Add a new file.

Subsequently tick the checkboxes of all formats which you have uploaded and say whether the publication is available.

Step 8: Entering Metadata

In the Metadata section you can contextualize and tag your publication. Assign one or more Categories (for instance Foundation and International Dialogue). These categories will later be provided alongside with the publication. Moreover, you can add a Format such as Book or Yearly Report.

In the Tags field you can provide additional context tags (such as War, Taxes, Feminism, Elections, Displacement). You can add more than one tag to a publication. If a publication is about a specific country or region, please add a tag for the country and region as well. Attention: The tag field also uses auto-completion. Type in the first characters and wait a moment to check whether the tag already exists. If so, pick it by clicking. If not, complete the word and create a new tag by doing so.

Tags will be shown alongside with the publication after the publication was saved. If the user clicks on a tag, all publications tagged like this will be listed. This way, users can conduct specific searches.

In the License field you can pick the license of the publication. See more information about different license types.

In the Subtitle field you can add a subtitle for the publication.

Step 9: Publishing the publication

When you have entered all information, click on Save. Hereby it is not yet published but you can see what it will look like.  Proofread it and check for typos, missing or wrong information.

If you found something to be imporoved, click on Edit. This will take you back to the form and you can make the necessary corrections.

When done, scroll down and click on Publishing Options. Tick Published  in the respective box and Save again. The publication is now publicly available.

In case you want to edit or add something you can always return to the form and Edit it.