Newsletter are emails sent out regularly or irregularly to many recipients. Tips for planning, creation and layout.

Carrier pigeons

One more typical feature of newsletters is that subscribers can  autonomously subscribe and unsubscribe. In our CMS Drupal you can create and design newsletters so that they can be sent using an Email marketing company such as Cleverreach.

Take note: Newsletters can only be created/sent out after prior consultation with the internet team (valid for headquarter and federal foundations) or the person in charge of the support for international offices as they have to be previously set up in Drupal and on the server of our Email marketing company. This also includes the initial upload of email addresses to Cleverreach.

From September 2015 on, International offices can use the combination Drupal - Cleverreach not only for newsletters, but to send out whatever information, such as invitations to events to large groups of recipients. Thereby, the content is entered and laid out in Drupal, Cleverreach offers many options for structuring recipients' groups. If set up according to your needs, the system allows for simply choosing from a list, to which recipients' group the praticular information is supposed to be sent to.

The creation of recipients' groups and the Drupal-Cleverreach interaction are not self-explaining. These two How-To's will help you to plan the process, to prepare the data and to use the Drupal-Cleverreach-feature:

  1. Preliminary considerations and preparation of addresses
  2. Creating and sending out newsletters using Drupal and Cleverreach