Share content from other boell-sites

As of now, you can easily publish articles from other Böll-sites on your pages. This works without all the annoying ballasts of having to create articles, cropping or uploading images etc. You are just a few clicks away!

You have found an article on another Böll-site which you would like to have on your site. Because it fits well into the context of an existing topic or because it is important or simply because it is good. It is irrelevant whether the article comes from a far away site of another international office or a federal foundation. It works always the same way.

Let us take the article "Ich möchte einfach keine Mutter sein" which had first been published on the site of the Gunda Werner Institute. Now we also want to have it on to get more attention.

To draw an article from the GWI- or any other Böll-site to your own pages, you need to be logged in to your website and then choose Content - Advanced Content Admin - Content Sharing Search or directy go into Content - Content Sharing Search:


Enter the title of the article into the search line and click on Search. If you don't find it, the reason is that the article has not been licensed under Creative Commons or the "All rights reserved - sharing within hbs allowed" license. Only these articles are allowed for Content Sharing.

When found there will be two options for sharing:

Import as reference is the default setting which you should use in most cases. Import as reference means sharing with reference to the original. Changes in the original will cause the same changes in the copy. So, if the GWI corrects typos, they will be corrected on your site as well, if it exchanges images or carries out any changes, your article will look the same as on the GWI-site. Isn't that great? No subsequent changes any longer!

Import as copy means: You will create an independent copy of the original. This can be useful to be able to carry out subsequent changes of the article, which don't exist in the original. For instance, the teaser may be different on your pages. As mentioned before, the copy will be independent and further changes in the original will not reflect in the copy.

You opted for either reference or copy? Woosh, you will be in the Edit article form, which you are familiar with, if you read the introduction How-To create an article. Text and image(s) are already in, you only have to assign the article to the respective haven, categories and tags on your website. They will not be transferred from the original as they are different on each website.

The author's field will not be transmitted either. You will have to create your own person node.

One more thing you should pay attention to before you can be entirely happy: Don't steal clicks from other Böll-sites. Let the fame remain with the original! Fame here means, that the article will be on top of the Google hit lists. To ensure this, set the Canonical URL and thus make clear to the internet and to the Google algorithm: This belongs to ... (original creator)

To do so, scroll down to the very end and click first on Meta tags and then on Advanced.

Scroll further down to the field Canonical URL and paste (if it is not yet in) the link to the original article. You have to enter exactly the same link which would be entered into the browser to find the article.

Take note:
You don't only have to enter the Canonical URL when sharing content, but whenever you publish a text which had first been published elsewhere - that means for any secondary publication. So, if a text had been published in a magazine before, the original URL has to be entered as Canonical URL. If you don't respect that, Google and other searchengine will fine us.

This is it. If you want to, you can now edit the Authored on date of the article on your website. If you don't do that, the original publication date will remain in. In most cases that's just the way it should be. However, if the text is somehow ageless and if it is to appear on your site very much up-to-date, you should edit it.  Please stick to the specified format.

Just publish and save now. Voilá! It took only a few clicks to get this great article on your site.

As "Reference" the article will from time to time cross-check with the original and see whether there are changes. If so, they will be transmitted. As a "Copy" the article will now live its own life. And here is the copy:

In Content - Content Sharing Admin there is an overview of the articles in your network with the respective turntable settings.

Have fun sharing - Sharing is Caring!