Polls can be an interesting means to activate users and to learn about their opinions. See how to create an online-poll in Drupal.

Polling station

Our website polls are not laid out for serious scientific surveys: You can ask one multiple choice question only, you cannot prevent users from carrying out the poll multiple times, results cannot be exported etc. So our polls are more in the nature of ballots and provide a kind of tally. They are far away from any requirements with respect to validity, reliability or confidentiality. However, our little poll tool is a means to ask simple questions and to allow users to share their attitudes, opinions and experience. After having voted, they will immediately see what other users have voted for.

To create a poll, click on Content - Add Content - Poll:

You will immediately be taken to the Create Poll form:


Question: You can ask one question. Take great care to be as clear and simple as possible.

Choice: Provide answer options. If you need more than two choices, click on More choices.

Poll settings: Decide whether the poll should be Active or Closed and set the Poll duration.

Save, when ready (polls are by default published) but note: Questions and and options should not be changed in running polls. So please check again before placing the poll on your site.

After publishing, the poll can be placed on a landingpage by clicking on Grid - Box - Contents. Search by slowly typing the question into the auto-search line and drag and drop it to the desired spot when found.

Viewing poll results

After having voted, users can see the results in a simple bar diagram:

Poll editors can click on Votes to see further results:

If a voter was logged in her/his username will be shown. For anonymous voters, the IP-address will be displayed.