Releasing Comments

Readers can discuss  articles on your site. However, their statements will be hold back until you release them. Here is how it works.

Another subversive comment

Users are afforded the possibility to voice their opinion and to ask questions on texts published on the website. When users post a comment, the related editor/s receive an email and should activate the post as quickly as possible.

Who is the person in charge of releasing comments?

When planning for the websites of the international offices, we asked the following question in our website questionnaire:

Who is going to receive comment notifications?

The email address provided there, is the one to which comment notifications are being sent. Please make sure to inform the support if the person in charge is no longer working with the foundation. Even better: Provide a functional address, such as info@... to make sure that comment notifications reach someone at the office.

For some of the foundation's websites there is also an email field in the Create Person form. If filled in, the author will be emailed on users' comments and can quickly contribute to debates.

What does the notification look like?

The subject of the notification email will be "Website title: New Comment" and contains the comment itself accompanied by three links

  1. one to the comment on the website where it had been posted, as well as options to delete, edit or approve it
  2. one to a page where the comment can be edited
  3. one to the Comment-Admin page

If you receive a lot of comments, it is recommended to use the third link to the Content-Admin page, because there you can sort comments for "subject", "author" and "posted in" (by clicking on the column heading) and carry out bulk operations. These are Publishing/Deleting and Unpublish all selected comments. Moreover, there is an archive of all Published and Unapproved comments.

Of course, all comments have to meet the Comment Rules published below the comment field. Please get familiar with them before releasing or deleting users' comments.

Please note: When a comment is rejected (deleted), users will not be automatically notified. If you want to answer privately, click on EDIT (on the right) to see the sender's email.

Please see below, what my comment looks like, after I have and released it.