Frequently Asked Questions - and the answers. If you have a question please write it into the comment section below.

Why is my article image black-edged?

The aspect ratio is not correct. Images must have a ratio of 3:2, whereby 3 concerns the width and 2 the height.  The minimal size is  630x420. The ideal size is 1920x1280. You can edit the aspect ratio using any image processing application such as Photoshop or Irfanview.

My event is not shown on the website?

You may have not assigned the correct website or language? Please note that events have to be (technically) English when supposed to be shown on an English website. For international offices with websites in English plus another language, (technically) German created events will appear on their non-English site.

Another reason could be that you have to wait a little bit longer until the event will be displayed in your calendar box. To keep the server load low, events are being transmitted from the calendar to the website only in predetermined intervals. But if your event is not in after approx. 1 hour, there is really something wrong and you should contact the support.

I can see my article but my collegues cannot.

Has the article been published? If yes, the following phenomenon may apply: You can already see your work but users from outside cannot. This is due to the website cache. It caches the pages and delivers them to outsiders. The cache updates in intervals. However, after 10 minutes max. the article should be online. For everybody.

I forgot my password and the password-reset email which I requested doesn't contain a link.

That's a known bug. Please contact the person in charge. She/he can reset your password manually.

Can I share dossiers from other websites?

No, unfortunately not. For now, only single articles can be shared. You would have to create the dossier landingpage by yourself and arrange all the contents such as audios, videos and images and finally, shared articles.