Share authors from other sites

You cannot only share articles or publications from other websites, but also the authors' profiles. This saves a lot of time since you don't have to re-upload the author's image, cv or contact information.

70 duplicates of a girl wearing glasses

It is recommended to share the person node of an article/publication before you start sharing the article/publication itself, because in the process of sharing you can directly assign the then existing autor/s to their contribution/s.

To share an author from another website, go into CONTENT - CONTENT SHARING SEARCH and enter the author's name into the searchline.

You will get a list which doesn't just include the authors corresponding with your search term, but all the articles and publications assigned to this person or containing the search term in the text. However, only those articles/publications will be shown which are provided with either a Creative Commons license or the permission to be shared within the hbs (see rules for sharing in Creative Commons introduction) and also those authors are shareable who's profile has been assigned to a text meeting the above named legal requirements.

To find the autor's profile (more) quickly scan the column "type" for "person":

When you found the person you are looking for, select it and decide whether you would like to IMPORT AS COPY or as a REFERENCE. If you want to add your own information about the person, simply translate the text or just use the author's photo, choose: IMPORT AS COPY. If you want to leave the information as it is and always show changes made in the original node on the source website, it is recommended to choose IMPORT AS REFERENCE.

Check whether the technical language of the node corresponds with the language of the article to which you want to assign the author. Make changes in the profile if necessary and finally publish:

The person node is now part of your backend and can be found in the ADVANCED CONTENT ADMIN.

Now share the article/publication via Content Sharing search and assign the author's profile to the shared article/publication: