Share dossiers from other sites (order of steps)

As there is no way of sharing entire dossiers yet, this howto provides a sequence of steps to efficiently transfer a dossier from another website.

Symbolische Darstellung: Dossier Fleischatlas teilen
  1. open the original dossier page and keep it open all time to compare the original and your own attempt
  2. find authors, share them and publish the nodes. If you work for an international office and need the profiles in more than one language, also share them from the original or - if not existent - translate those shared.
  3. share all articles of the dossier, assign (then) existing authors in the article form, if you don't want the articles appear in the automatic grid boxes on the startpage and elsewhere, check HIDE IN LISTS in the ADMINISTRATION section of the form and PUBLISH
  4. create the new dossier landingpage, upload a teaser image and give it a teaser.
  5. create the grid structure with containers (as in the original) on the new landingpage
  6. fill the grid containers by manually placing the articles using CONTENT boxes, set the box VIEWMODE as in the original
  7. create additional grid boxes, such as linklists (if needed) and add existing reusable boxes such as calendar or social links boxes (if needed)
  8. check everything, PUBLISH the dossier landingpage (grid and landingpage edit form)
  9. if you want to announce the dossier prominently on your startpage and if the automatic box on top of your startpage doesn't display landingpage teasers, place the dossier teaser manually in any place of your startpage (either on top or in the sidebar).