How to get access

Credentials? Login? Forgotten passwords? Blocked accounts? This is what you can do!

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New credentials

Please ask your support for credentials. Usernames and passwords are the same for the following platforms:

  • your website
  • these help-pages

Please note that you can have different credentials for the calendar.

There are no personal accounts for the statistic tool Piwik. One general account per office will be provided on request.

Please never pass your credentials to anyone else. In case of new staff, please always ask for new credentials.

User blocking

If you frequently enter a wrong username/password, your account will be blocked for several hours. You can send an email to your support . He/she can unblock your account immediately.

Forgotten passwords

If you have forgotten your credentials, please ask your support or create a new one by using the password-reset link.


Use the Login with Generic-Button to login.